Trellis EST

TrellisMATHS Algebra Software

The five programs in this pack will develop students' understanding of algebraic concepts and solutions of linear equations.

Algebraic Magic is an algebraic version of the traditional magic square, which encourages students to collect like terms and simplify expressions.

Equation Buster is a multi-levelled game, which helps develop students’ skills in substituting and solving equations.

Equation Resource is a resource program with three sections: Flag Diagrams, Manipulating Equations and Think of a Number. These allow teachers to demonstrate and explore different approaches to solving linear equations including graphical methods.

Mapping Match is a matching activity, which challenges students to find the relationship between mappings, term-to-term rules, position-to-term rules and mappings.

Predict challenges students to identify an algebraic rule connecting 2, 3 and 4 variables

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