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TrellisMATHS Probability Software

TrellisMATHS Probability includes five programs which encourage students to explore the connection between experimental and theoretical probability.

Pinball and Routes are resource programs which allow students to model an experiment and to explore the distribution of the results. They can be used to model real life situations, some of which are suggested in the accompanying support materials.

Hidden Contents and Loaded Dice encourage students to consider the number of trials of an experiment that would be appropriate before they are able to deduce a reasonable approximation for the theoretical probability. This will, in turn, enable them to draw conclusions as to the nature of the experiment.

Probability Match is a game which consolidates understanding of the probability of an event based upon equally likely outcomes. It can be used to introduce the probability of combined events.

Within each program there is a Make Notes facility which allows students to copy and paste their results into a word-processing package. This allows students to keep a record of their work and allows them to further analyse their results away from the computer.

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