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TrellisMATHS Ratio Software

Money Share is an activity which involves creating ratios to share out quantities of pound coins. Players take it in turns to find as many ratios as possible in which they can divide the given number of coins, using the number 1 to 9. The money is divided into two amounts, money saved and money to spend. Each number can only be used once so there are a maximum of 4 ratios that can be entered during each round. There is a demo which takes players through a round of the game.

Paint Mix is a game which allows 2 colours of paint to be mixed in a Target Ratio.

The aim of Ratio Buster is to make a path from left to right or top to bottom, depending on which player you are, by answering ratio problems correctly.

Ratio Match is a 3-in-a-line strategy game. The winner is the first player to cover 3 shapes on the board in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Students are given a ratio and have to select an appropriate shape on the board in order to cover it.

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