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TrellisMATHS Properties of Number Software

TrellisMATHS Properties of Number includes six programs which focus on sequences of positive integers including even, odd, triangle, prime, square and cube numbers, multiples, factors and powers.

Numbers, Multiples and Factors are resource programs which allow students to explore sequences of integers, involving number properties, displayed on grids of varying size. Up to three sequences at a time can be displayed on the grid. Numbers common to all sequences are highlighted on the grid.

Numbers includes a range of sequences. Multiples is a variation of Numbers with a focus on multiples. Factors is a variation of Numbers with a focus on factors. Define challenges students to define a number uniquely by selecting from a list of statements involving number properties.

Identify challenges students to identify a number, chosen at random by the computer, by selecting from a list of questions involving number properties.

Factor Challenge is a strategy game played against the computer which develops students’ understanding of factors and prime numbers. In all six programs, students are able to choose the number of rows and columns in the grid and, in all programs except Factor Challenge, the starting number.

Within each program there is a ‘Make Notes’ facility which allows students to copy a screen display and paste into a word-processing package (using the buttons on the tool bar). This allows students to keep a record of their work and allows them to further analyse their results away from the computer. It can also be used to generate blank number grids of varying size.

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